What is Astrophoria?

Behind the word “astrology” lies a belief system and cultural modality. In the segmented world of science, “-ologies” are fields of study wherein the rational mind attempts to assert its dominance over the sensory experience of feeling.

“-Phoria,” on the other hand, suggests a state of being pregnant with something. It means to hold something internally - processing, integrating and releasing in a the ancient and primal ways. To me, this represents a synthesis of feeling and knowing, a fusion of our astrological lineages into a new form which is for all of Us, now.

Astrology as a language in modern times has been co-opted by the capitalistic agenda of productivity and purpose, often times disguised in the insidious clothing of spirituality. What used to be a modality of worship and supplication transformed into a tool by which to weaponize rationality and repress the yin. Neither way feels right for this time. It truly feels like an Age of synthesis, and so here We are.


Who Are the Water Women?

If you feel the call to be here, you are SHE. She who remembers, she who feels, she who has no other option but to be herself. Water Women are the ones who carry storms inside them. Those whose subtle movements cause earthquakes around them. Those who have chosen to be the resolving element to lineages of repression, unexpressed grief and repression. Those who choose something new.

A Water Woman is a new and old archetype. She comes to remind us that there is no “I” without “we.” She synthesizes old myth with new science. She bears the water, that which circulates and reennervates herself, her family, her community and her world. She is the prophet of the Age of Aquarius. She is you.

All can be Water Women, though few may choose to do so. This is not restricted to sex nor gender. All expressions of humxn are welcome and held here. Welcome.


About Celeste

Celestine Kibe is a practicing astrologer, multimedia artist, poet, writer and mother living in Chiapas, MX. Her work explores the synthesis of presence, consciousness, time, earth intelligence, magical languages, symbol and cosmogyny through the aperture of story. She is devoted to the dismantling of oppressive systems through creating spaces and content designed to facilitate radical self-acceptance.

She is currently making music with the earth and authoring a book on emotion, quantum physics, fluid realities and planetary consciousness.


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Water Women is devoted to reinhabiting cyclical time, which is soft, organic and non-linear. We use the symbolic languages of astrology, visual metaphor + poetry to deconstruct rigid and exploitative definitions of time, and ultimately, ourselves.


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